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The Cutting Board (Boos Board)

After the chef knife, the cutting board is the most used tool in the kitchen. I use several cutting boards, but the large Boos board are the boards that stay out on the counter and get used the most.

Boos Board in use with chopped rainbow Swiss Chard stems and a chef knife.

Made of hard Maple wood the 24 x 18 size is heavy, but has hand inserts for grabbing, making it easier to move around. I like the large size, 24 x 18, because I can prep all of my ingredients on the same board and there is plenty of room to have prep bowls and dishes for the ingredients I am preparing.

To keep it in good condition, I make a paste with baking soda and a little vinegar, and scrub it which cleans and removes odors. From time to time I oil the board when it starts to look dry. I have had one of my Boos boards for over twenty years, the other for about 18 years and just recently sanded them to get some more life out of the boards.

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