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Olivewood Flat Spatula

I really like using olivewood spatulas and have an increased appreciation for them since I started cooking oil-free.

Making a layer of grated garlic on tha pan surface with an olivewood flat spatula

I have been using the olivewood flat spatulas I bought from Sur la Table for 20+ years. We like longevity in our main kitchen tools. Olivewood doesn’t scratch pans, but is durable enough to lift and rub off garlic and other aromatic vegetables from the pan which is key for oil-free cooking. I have several styles including the slotted style shown above and the solid one seen in other photos and videos on The Vibrant Cook website. Olivewood utensils need to be hand washed and require some care, but with a little effort they hold up beautifully over the years.

I oil my wooden tools whenever I oil my main cutting boards to keep the wood grain from drying and also to look pretty. When they start to look dry and loose their luster like in the photo above, they need to be oiled. Once oiled the wood grain and sheen comes back. Two or three times a year I also rub them with a fine steel wool to make them smooth again. And unlike bamboo, the edges don’t fray and split. I recommend this particular spatula sold at Sur la Table because it’s one of the specific olivewood utensils I have been using and has lasted so many years. I have no affiliation and to not receive any compensation for recommending.

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